talona ridge rv resort

If you are at any time dissatisfied with your stay at Talona Ridge RV Resort, please contact our Resort Manager.

AMENITIES NOTICE: Please be aware that our Pickle Ball courts are not yet completed.

HOLIDAY LIMITATIONS: Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are not open for any check ins or check outs.

RESERVATIONS April – November (peak season rates)

Eagle Crest $130
Falcon Ridge Plus $120
Falcon Ridge $100
Hawk Valley $95


There is a mandatory 2-night minimum stay for major US national holidays.


RESERVATIONS December – March (off peak)

Eagle Crest offers the most spectacular views and proximity to Grandview hall, terrace, pool and the highest altitude for 360° views of the surround mountains.

$120 Eagle Crest cost per night
$720 Eagle Crest cost per week
$2520 Eagle Crest cost per month*save 1% if paying by check.

FALCON RIDGE (opens June 2022)
Aptly named, Falcon Ridge boasts its own views to the east with mountain ranges and amazing sunrise vistas. Our PLUS sites feature an overhanging deck and easy access for pulling through in a single direction. A select number of Falcon Ridge sites sit close to the Pickle Ball courts for energetic and competitive guests :-).

$90 Falcon Ridge cost per night (PLUS sites: $110)
$540 Falcon Ridge cost per week (PLUS sites: $660)
$1890 Falcon Ridge cost per month* (PLUS sites: $2310); save 1% if paying by check.

HAWK VALLEY (opens April 2022)
With views in some areas, and beautiful sites elsewhere near forest trees and shelter, Hawk Valley presents great options for families and great proximity to the dog park.

$85 Hawk Valley cost per night
$510 Hawk Valley cost per week
$1785 Hawk Valley cost per month*save 1% if paying or check.

*monthly rates do not include electricity which is charged based on usage for the month
*3-month maximum stay per county residential regulations

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